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Bioneet was conceived with a thought to be able to provide quality education with the most widespread technology that could be used for enriching the minds of the candidates willing to appear for medical exams.All the apps of Bioneet are being run under the able guidance of Dr. Hariom Gangwar, an eminent NCERT speacilaist biology teacher of Lucknow. Gangwar Sir has an individual coaching institute, New Trend Biology which has been helping students achieve their aspirations for years now. Bioneet is a concept; an ecosystem where we are trying to resolve the problems that issues of the candidates spread across borders. It is a simplified, whole and not only exam focused but also an extreme source of knowledge in the subject of Biology. Though it has always been uncomplicated and easy to understand, candidates have always complained about the vastness of the subject and the various concepts that make the subject never ending. But then it is the mind set and pre- conceived notion that people have. Everything can be broken down to simple bites and can be understood better when paid attention to.

We at Bioneet make sure that everyone who downloads Bioneet app gets an advantage of this. We have simplified the matter to such an extent that even a layman can understand that better. Our reviews at Google Play Store speak for the same.

We have also launched Online Test Series keeping in mind the necessity of the students to have a platform wherein they can evaluate their own performance, their preparation and know where they stand in terms of examinations. We have fully fledged Test Series for AIIMS and NEET as medical profession begins with these two. We have made sure that the students know what they are receiving and hence have free tests incorporated so that the students can get an idea of what they are paying for. We have also made sure that the test series are available and work pleasantly on mobiles, tablets and of course desktop. We believe in the idea of studying 'on the go!'

We at Bioneet believe in quality education and our work vouches for it. While you are here, please feel free to use the apps and website to gain the maximum. Happy learning!

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