AIIMS Online Test Series gives you a hand on experience of facing the real examination as it is completely online.


NEET Test Series is based on the syllabus that NCERT has prescribed. As for the record, maximum number.


What can be a better combination than these two Test Series coming together to help you prepare.

Video Lectures

Ever wished that you could get taught from a master of a subject in the comfort of your own time and place? Well, welcome to the video lectures of Dr. Hariom Gangwar.Now study when you want, how you want. Biology is a subject that needs diagrams, flow charts and concepts to be visualised properly with easier language.

Bioneet Books

Biology has always played a crucial role in the study of everything. After all, biology is the study of life. When you aspire to become a doctor, you cannot rely on the general content and hence identifying this need, Dr. Hariom Gangwar released his knowledge, expertise and easy concepts of Biology into a number of books. Be it the series of NCERT based books Inspection or the Bull's eye or Bioneet, every book is a landmark in its own.

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Bioneet Application

Frequently asked questions

You can simply download Bioneet app from Google Play Store and register in the provided section. You will receive a password on you mobile number in SMS format. You can also send us your details at apps@pratyaksh.org to get registered by adding "FOR REGISTRATION" in the subject section.
You will need the following details to be able to get registered on the app or via email:
1. Name:
2. Email ID:
3. Mobile Number:
Since we will be sending the password on your mobile, it is recommended that you provide your own personal number.
The password shall reach you in a span of 24- 48 hours. In case this does not happen, please email us at apps@pratyaksh.org stating your issue.
Please provide us your details in written on mail at apps@pratyaksh.org. After confirmation, we will provide you with a new password that can be used to login in your account.
After registration, please open www.bioneet.in. Enter your registered email ID as your username and the received password. You will see the lined up tests. If you click on the launch button, the test will start. You must understand that the test when once started cannot be paused or stopped. You must attempt the questions all at once since the timer has already started. The test once opened is counted in attempted. You cannot reach for it again.
The validity of a test is limited although you can appear for the test at any convenient time during the duration of the test. It is mandatory that you must attempt the test within the stipulated time.
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